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We don't Buy & Sell musical instruments but instead offer special assistance free of charge with a
pianos online service for the piano world.
Piano questions? This popular piano music service provides access to online information, free in-depth personal feedback from OzPianoman at the Piano Advisory in Australia and Specially selected sites and pages.

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Downloadable Piano Guide available.

GRAND PIANO for Private Sale.
Urgent sale - offers wanted for a
1989 KAWAI KG2 5'10" grand piano

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Free Piano Music: Players can quickly locate best available free sheet music.

Music Downloads: Copyright protects most popular songs but there's a wealth of classical music and original compositions from many generous musicians -
and at different playing levels, free lessons also.

Free Music Lessons: How to Play By Ear, gospel etc.

About Us:
1981 ... Whilst employed selling new Yamaha, Kawai and Used pianos, OzPianoman trained as a Piano Tuner - and now specializes in the tuning of Yamaha & Kawai pianos.

1998 ... After some 'difficulty' the Piano Buyers Advisory was registered in Australia as a business.
"Just Free Advice ? Sorry ...sir - Don't see how we can put that on the form, Sir."

"Approved" at last, OzPianoman went online, supplying answers to the piano world - which grew to include piano buyers, sellers, players, others seeking free sheet music, piano software, online lessons and tuning information from the world's only registered Piano Advisory.
We don't Buy & Sell pianos.
We do provide advice on what to look for when purchasing digital instruments, acoustic, upright, baby grand pianos, Korean models, Japanese made pianos and most others. (Questions? Use the Feedback form.)

Used pianos. Got your Piano Guide yet?
Download your Free ebook... Learn about care, tuning, restoring, tips on moving.

Baby grand piano? Article by the Oz Piano man. For Sale or to buy? Read these tips.

Yamaha? Kawai? Gray market pianos? Should I buy Used Japanese piano imports?

used-yamaha-piano Frequently Asked Questions these ...
OzPianoman has plenty of support from other experts for his opinions and answers !

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